Ordering Procedures ​

Terms of Service and Conditions


  • All prices are quoted in us dollars.
  • Listed prices do not include shipping and handing charges

Ordering Procedures

  • Minimum order for international is $600 worth of plants before freight charges.
  • Please email your itemized list of plants to sales.vimonorchids@gmail.com along with your consignee name, full address, telephone number and airport of destination.
  • Make note at what stage or size of plants you would be interested. Example: blooming size, flowering size etc. You can view our plant size chart for guidance.
  • Email your import permit to us at the time of placing your order. Your permit list the requirements of your domicile country. Requirements can vary and not limited to bare root, plants to be treated with, and/or what declarations maybe needed.
  • Documents vary from country to country. Please ask the shipping agent in your country for details.
  • After you confirm your order we will send you the proforma invoice and the available payment options. 

Harvesting Procedures

  • Upon payment we will start harvesting and treatment of your plants.
  • Book air freight delivery through commodity forwarders.
  • Due to the amount of paperwork and logistics involved to ship internationally we ask that you please allow minimum 10 days for us to process your order.
  • We will have your plants inspected by GOA and all documents officially processed on the day of shipping.
  • All documents will be scanned and email to you.
  • The original documents will be send along with your shipment.

Freight Terms

  • All prices are quoted F.O.B. Bangkok, Thailand. Do not include shipping charges
  • Freight charge will be added on to your invoice based on exactly what forwarders bill us.


  • All orders are prepayment.
  • Proforma Invoice will be sent for your payment once we confirm sizes, varieties and price.
  • Details of Invoice need to review by customer which we will use for further process. If customer has no request of any revised, we will use to issue Airway bill, Phytosanitary / Cites certificates.

 Payment Methods

  • Paypal
  • Bank Transfer, SWIFT Payments

              Account Name : Patchanee Daengsaengsong

              Account Number : 0462333243

              Bank Name: The Siam Commercial Bank Plc.

              Bank Branch: Bangmod

              Address: 81 Rama2 Soi 47, Tha Kham, Bang khun Thian, Bangkok

              SWIFT Code : SICOTHBK 


  • Customers are responsible for all wire transfer fees.
  • SWIFT payments usually take 1-3 working days to reach their destination, however it is possible that they can take longer due to circumstances such as time differences between the sending and receiving country or multiple intermediary banks involved with delivering your money to us.

Damaged Claim Procedures